Principal Investigator

TIMOTHY I. SHAW Ph.D. Assistant Member, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. Dr. Shaw's research focuses on systems immuno-oncology, particularly in developing computational tools to study immune interactions and associated regulatory networks. My program consists of the following three aims: 1) Building an integrative regulatory network of cancer-to-immune interactions and immune suppression. 2) Identifying targetable regulators generated from aim 1. 3) Using a proteo-genomics approach to identify cancer-specific isoforms for immunotherapy. My program will build a comprehensive resource of the immune regulators and cancer, leveraging multi-omics information, with a particular interest in alternative splicing, hidden-driver analysis, PTM-derived kinase activity, spatial proteomics, and protein-protein interactions. Such an integrative approach presents opportunities to identify druggable targets that enhance immunotherapy response or novel targets for immunotherapy. Email:


Research Staff 

Alyssa Obermayer M.S. Ms. Obermayer is a Bioinformatics Research Analyst, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. Alyssa works on developing pipelines and Shiny apps for the lab.
















Graduate Student Interns

Gabrielle Nobles recently graduated from USF with a master's degree in bioinformatics. She is working in the lab as a graduate intern to develop a database of the immune population presented in brain tumors.












Undergraduate Researcher

Michael Golden. Mr. Golden recently graduated from White Station High School and recently started college at the University of Central Florida. He's a Life Scout Patrol Leader and a National Merit Finalist. He's currently working on a web app to analyze TCGA genomics data and other fun projects in the lab.









Post-Docs and Students Co-mentoring with Collaborators

Tomas Zelenka (Post Doctoral Fellow in Dr Dorina Avram's Lab )

Darwin Chang (USF Moffitt Graduate Student in Dr Paulo Rodriguez Lab)


Staff Alumni

Thushara Madayanake (Staff Scientist 2022)


USF Intern Alumni

William Namm (2021 Fall)