TIMOTHY I. SHAW Ph.D. Assistant Member, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics. Dr. Shaw's research focuses on systems immuno-oncology, particularly in developing computational tools to study immune interactions and associated regulatory networks. My program consists of the following three aims: 1) Building an integrative regulatory network of cancer-to-immune interactions and immune suppression. 2) Identifying targetable regulators generated from aim 1. 3) Using a proteo-genomics approach to identify cancer-specific isoforms for immunotherapy. My program will build a comprehensive resource of the immune regulators and cancer, leveraging multi-omics information, with a particular interest in alternative splicing, hidden-driver analysis, PTM-derived kinase activity, spatial proteomics, and protein-protein interactions. Such an integrative approach presents opportunities to identify druggable targets that enhance immunotherapy response or novel targets for immunotherapy. Email: timothy.shaw(a)moffitt.org